3 successful grant applications!

We are happy to report that we just had positive word from 3 grants to supplement funding of the upcoming IBRO school. Two grants were submitted to Cambridge in Africa through Jimena Berni and Berthold Hedwig (both Dept Zoology, Cambridge, UK) in collaboration with Sadiq Yusuf (KIU, UG). The 3rd was awarded to Lucia Prieto (UNIL, CH) through Subvention Egalite (Empowerment of women in Science, UNIL)


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  • Fantastic!! Of all biomedical fields, neurobiology attracts very few post-graduates in Africa. Funding the IBRO/TReND in Africa summer school is a really big gesture and honor to the plight of young scholars in the continent. The face of Africa will surelly be beaming with expertise in the area of Entomological Neurobiology.

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