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When you donate to TReND in Africa you are supporting a project that is helping African countries to develop in a sustainable and durable way! We do not aim at putting a temporary patch onto  current problems, instead we are working with African people to help them improve their educational system, and increase their investment in scientific research.

By investing in university education we are educating future teachers and professors locally to the highest standards with the aim to eventually make these countries independent from Western volunteers (see our outreach activities entirely run by African volunteers). Additionally, scientific research is pivotal to the ability of societies to innovate, and create a capital independent of natural resources. To date, most developing nations need to import their solutions, innovations and patents from abroad, while losing their most capable minds to the West. Therefore, by helping us to provide top-level education and increase the research capacity building of these countries, you are enabling African developing societies to take their futures into their own hands.

Every little helps! Read below for an idea of scale

–  For example for the price of two coffees  you can help us ship one kg of donated lab equipment. Shipping equipment to East Africa costs ~5 Euro / kg, if several items are shipped together. A  microscope weighs 2-4 kg, a big box of ‘labware’ <2 kg, or a state-of-the-art electrophysiology amplifier 3-6 kg…  So even a small donation will help us ship our exitsing and ever growing stocks of donated equipent in Europe and USA to our African partners. Bearing in mind that e.g. a new microscope can easily cost >1000 euros, this is a fantastic deal! To date, we have shipped over 1,000 kg worth of books, labware and equipment!

IMG_1004 DSC05869

left: a 150 kg shipment of donated lab equipment from New York – shipping cost: <1,000 Euros. Right: Students during one of our outreach events.

For less than 100 Euros you can finance a visit of  two of our local volunteers to schools to get more students interested in (Neuro)science. Here small costs incur, such as local transport or printing of handouts and posters. TReND seeks to help lift the financial burden on some of our volunteer activites, in particular those in low income countries.  This will enable them to scale their activities, recruit more volunteers, and achieve more impact.

For 700 Euros we can buy a 3D printer for one of our African partner universities. 3D printers are powerful machines for local creation of goods needed in the daily lab routine! For details, see here

Our next project: We believe that 3D printing will revolutionise the way the science is done. Therefore our next goal is to set up a TReND 3D printing facility at one of our African partner universities to serve as a centralised resource for all researchers in the area. We already have one 3D

printer at our European headquarters to experiment with its possibilties, and we have already printed a range of useful lab-items, including a low cost centrifuge, pipettes or different mechanical bits and bops. We count on your generosity to help with this and other projects.

We accept monetary donations through PayPal in Euros, GBP, CHF and USD. In addition, we accept direct bank transfers – see options below.





You can also donate to us via a direct bank transfer to our account in Germany:

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TReND in Africa is a fully registered charity (not-for-profit organisation).

Registration details: TReND in Africa gUG, Handelskammer Stuttgart, Germany (HRB 74561).