Miguel Nicolelis Miguel Nicolelis, Professor at Duke University and Co-Founder/Scientific Director of the ELS-IINN – A neuroscience campus erected with the aim to promote social and economic progress in Natal, Brazil

“I wholeheartedly urge every neuroscientist to consider how they can contribute to TReND. The powerful and positive impact of this initiative on the people of Africa is so long-lasting and wide-spread that is simply cannot be measured.”
Neher Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 1991. Professor at the University of Göttingen and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

“The goal of Neuroscience research is nothing less than trying to understand ourselves – how we perceive, think, and feel. It is obvious that this endeavor should not be restricted to a fraction of the world. Developing countries have the human resources to contribute and need at least as urgently as other countries the benefits in medical care, which hope to emanate from brain research.  Therefore, the efforts of TReND deserve the fullest support”
peter-lawrence Peter Lawrence, Darwin Medal and Prince of Asturias Prize winner, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cambridge.

“I think it is an important idea that TReND have, to inspire, motivate and educate people at a higher level and at home in Africa who will then go out and teach in high schools and universities. This approach may well prove more fruitful than exporting their best students to join the elite abroad, many of whom never return to Africa. I hope there will be many local benefits, including some that cannot be foreseen now. TReND deserves support.”