Become an African partner institution

Would you like your institution to become a TReND partner? Send an e-mail to Ana ( She will let you know how to proceed with the application to establish the partnership!

Trend partners  can benefit from two main programs offered by TRenD: the academic exchange program and the equipment donation system. These two programs often go together:

1- Academic exchange program

Through this program African universities can request volunteers with a particular expertise, and from TReND we will try to match these needs by finding highly qualified volunteers willing to teach at an African institution. The host University is expected to provide basic accommodation and catering for the volunteer and someone to guide the volunteer on the first days at the host university. For stays longer than one month, a basic stipend would be great but not absolutely necessary. For more information please get in touch with Ana, who is in charge of this program, at


2- Equipment donation system

Through this program Universities and research institutions in Africa can request equipment.

We will provide donated equipment (we provide fully working second hand equipment) free of charge, and the university will only need to pay for transportation cost of the equipment from either Europe or US. The shipment cost is much less than the value of the equipment.

Through this program we have provided important equipment (PCR machines, fluorescent microscopes, a confocal microscope, dissecting microscopes, gel imagers, etc…) to several of our partner institutions including: Kampala International University in Uganda, Gombe State University in Nigeria, Maiduguri University in Nigeria, University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, and Mekelle Universitiy in Ethiopia. Moreover, we run summer schools at different African institutions, and in some cases (KIU, Uganda and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) we pay the shipment cost, but these are exceptional cases where we have managed to raise the funds to provide a combined funding-equipment program.

Please note that we only donate equipment to Universities that are TReND partners. Moreover, to send the requested equipment we require that the local knowledge on how to use it is present. In case there is no local knowledge on how to use particular equipment we will –in collaboration with the volunteering program (please see point 1, Academic exchange program)- send TRenD volunteers with the required expertise to teach on site for a short period of time. The equipment is sent on a “long-term loan” basis, and will remain at your institution as long as it is used and well taken care of.


If your university would like to participate in this program, once the partnership is established, or if you have any questions, please send an email to Fabiana at: