Who are we?

Mission Statement: STOP the Brain-drain!

“TReND in Africa” (Teaching and Research in Neuroscience for Development) is a higher education charity dedicated to improving university level science education and research in sub-Saharan Africa. Run by a small group of young research scientists worldwide, TReND seeks to foster scientific excellence and collaboration in the region through organizing local neuroscience courses for young African scientists. Moreover, we promote and coordinate the collection of monetary and equipment donations towards the establishment of permanent research facilities at Africa’s top universities. In the future we also envisage the establishment of academic stipends for young African researchers, fostering international projects and collaborations.

Although our efforts are focused on the promotion of neuroscientific research, education projects are urgently needed in all areas of higher education, ranging from natural sciences through to economics. We are therefore dedicated to encourage and support likeminded projects in other disciplines with our experience and extensive network of local contacts.


Racing developments in transportation and information technology are rapidly transforming our planet into one global community. But this globalization does not benefit everybody equally. Despite traditional geo-political barriers waning, in many poorer areas of the world access to higher education and current scientific progress is still a scarce and valuable resource. But the developing world is rich in human capital, desperate to participate and contribute in the emergent global information society if properly supported.

Pivotal to long term success and stability in these societies is the presence of a group of highly trained local knowledge workers with a broad outlook. Overcoming global inequality through education, as well as local empowerment have long been established as worldwide development goals; however, most existing projects focus at primary and secondary education, neglecting the role of the tertiary tier. Scientific education is pivotal to the ability of societies to innovate, move forward and integrate with the global information society. To date, most developing nations need to import their solutions, innovations and patents from abroad, while losing their most capable minds to Western universities and the knowledge economy beyond their borders. Therefore we believe that providing top-level education to local elites in their home country is key to enabling developing societies to take their futures into their own hands and become valuable partners in the worldwide production of knowledge.

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