We are recruiting!

 We always have more ideas than volunteers to carry them out, therefore we are always looking for people willing to help. Additionally we are very open to people developing their own interests and ideas within the TReND framework. There are general jobs for which we always need help, you can find that down in the “Volunteer for TReND” and the “Fundrise for TReND” sections, additionally we have some specific jobs for which we need to recruit someone with an particular expertise. We are posting those positions here. Applicants for those positions should email us. The applicants should have the knowledge required for the job, be able to work independently, and to communicate effectively via email. These are volunteer jobs, which means that we will not be paying you, however, you will acquire valuable experience if you are considering a career in the developmental aid sector and additionally you will be doing something that makes the world a better place!

Jobs on offer

Equipment & Expertise Database creator and curator.

We think that a big motor for scientific growth is collaborations. As you know, often in science funding is a limiting factor, and often a researcher might want to do an experiment for which his institute might not have the necessary equipment available. We want to help researchers by using our contacts to establish a database with the knowledge and equipment available at different universities in Africa. In this way, when a researcher needs to do an experiment for which his institution doesn’t have the necessary facilities, he can check on our database which one is the closest institution with the given facilities and write to them to request the use of the equipment in terms of a paid service or a scientific collaboration. To put this system in place we need a volunteer that will:

1-      Talk with our contacts (universities and companies) asking for their agreement to take part in this database

2-      Create a on line searchable database

3-      Maintain the database by updating the information according to scientist feedback

Qualities required: Computer knowledge to set up an on-line searchable database, motivation and good communication skills via email.

Volunteer for TReND

The vision of TReND is to establish collaborations and equip research labs to aid the development of science across Africa. What we do takes a lot of fundraising and organising, and we are always keen to get help from people! You could be a local contact for collecting second hand lab equipment, or you could join our fundraising or publicity teams. If you are based in Africa, you could also become our new local contact at your university! Any amount of time you can spare to help TReND would be a tremendous help for us.

To find out more about volunteering, drop us a line.

Fundraise for TReND

The most direct way of supporting our activities is through a donation. If you are considering doing any fundraising events such as races, and want to make TReND your charity of choice to fundraise for, we’d love to hear from you!

Come work in Africa

We regularly organise summer schools in Africa, which are taught by an international faculty of biologists with a range of expertise. To help out with the organising of a summer school, drop us a line.

We also facilitate volunteering for academics who want to work at African universities. This is open to all disciplines, and the timing and location of the program can be customised to meet your specific needs. You can find out more about the program, or check out our current partner universities.