HUMaN, Human Understanding of Mind and Neuroscience .

One challenge for the advancement of neurology on the African continent is the shortage of specialists, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, neuroscience curricula across African universities are often not consistent with each other. In 2004, only half of the countries in the African WHO region had a national neurological association . Furthermore, the estimated number of specialists in neurology in Africa, at 0.03 per 100,000 people is lower than any other WHO regions. For example, with a population of 80 million, Egypt has fewer than 3,000 neurologists (there is no exact authenticated source for their number). On the other hand, Uganda with a population of about 34 millions has less than 10 neurologists. To this challenge it adds that in many countries, such as Egypt and Uganda, the population is still widely dispersed in semi-urban and rural areas and the system of ground transportation does not allow for rapid transfer of patients to central areas. Although Flying Ambulance systems are becoming more prominent, they feature very limited capacity and are often very expensive and thereby not accessible to the vast majority of the population. The training and deployment of qualified neurologists in particular to rural and remote areas is a very difficult task. HUMaN aims at solving this problems, trhough a range of initiatives, with an initial focus in Egypt and Uganda.  Our plan to include more countries later on to from an African Network of Expertise (ANE).

Our projects will include:

1- Promote research collaborations between African scientists

2- Organize training courses

3- Organize academic exchange programmes via the volunteering TReND programme

4-Establish medical partnerships between Western and African University Hospitals

5- Co-ordinate donations of medical equipment and reagents

We are just beginning to organize these activities and we would like to have more volunteers helping us. If you would like to participate in HUMaN please drop us a line. You can find the email of all HUMaN volunteers below.

HUMaN team

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