More donations from Sussex!

Thanks to Leon Lagnado from the School of Life Science, University of Sussex, UK for yet another equipment donation – this time an Axiovert inverted fluorescence microscope. The scope will be shipped to equip a newly established lab at the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.


Above: Leon (left) and TReND’s Mahmoud (right) with the disassembled microscope.

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  • This is a wonderful and welcome development. We seriously are in the need for a very good and well equipped Neuroscience Laboratory in some of our Universities in Nigeria. With this kind of kit start donation, I belief our Universities Vice Chancellors will imitate such, and start coming up with a good proposal to establish a very good Medical/Biomedical Sciences Laboratories. I like this your effort TReND, we are highly very much grateful for this. Finally, my thanks to Professor Leon for his kind effort and commitment toward establishment of this new named Laboratory. We are highly grateful Sir.

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