We are excited to announce that TReND will host a symposium on “Affordable Neuroscience” at the next SONA (Society of Neuroscience, Africa) meeting, to be held in Rabat, Morocco in June 2013.

State-of-the-art AND affordable basic neuroscience in Africa: insects in focus.

With limited funding opportunities in Neuroscientific research it is becoming increasingly important to review research strategies by their cost effectiveness. This includes the establishment and use of more inexpensive model systems, such as insects, as well as the utilization of increasingly available sources of open source software and hardware as key research tools. Moreover, with a growing involvement of African researchers in the global production of Neuroscientific method and knowledge, the promotion of scientific exchange and collaboration between African and Western researchers is rising on the agenda of key funding bodies and institutions. This symposium will emphasize the possibility of carrying out state-of-the-art but cost-effective neuroscientific research in Africa. The speakers, from three different continents, will present their work within a framework of low resource availability and international collaboration. The talks will have a special focus on insects, and specifically Drosophila, as they offer an unparalleled opportunity for neuroscience research and education due to their experimental amenability and low cost.


Jimena Berni, University of Cambridge, UK. “Affordable state-of-the-art neurogenetics”

Lucia Prieto Godino. Centre for Integrative Genomics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, co-founder and co-director of TReND in Africa. Teaching and Reasearch in Neuroscience for Development in Africa. www.TReNDinAfrica.com

Greg Gage. Co-founder of Backyard Brains. USA. DIY Neuroscience: low-fi inventions for high-tech brain experiments

Sadiq Yusuf. Kampala International University, Uganda. Bridging the Gap: Establishing the Necessary infrastructure and knowledge for Teaching and Research in Neuroscience in Africa

Daniel Masiga. ICIPE. Kenya. At the front line of olfactory research in Africa.