We are excited that today a major shipment of ~150 kg (15 boxes!) worth of lab equipment and consumables was launched from Cambridge,UK to KIU, Uganda. The equipment was kindly donated by the Babraham Institute and from individuals at the MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK. Everything was collected and packed by several key individuals in Cambridge: Solenn Patalano as well as TReND’s very own Isabel Peset Martin and Jelena Aleksic. Morover, many thanks to Chris Forman for storing everything at his place for several months as things unfolded and for helping with the packing/pick-ups. Thumbs up to all who made this possible!

Babraham     MRC-LMB

Some key items include dissecting microscopes, Several high quality cameras (CCD and similar), Gel chambers with accessoires, microbalances, tons of plasticware (tubes, tips, dishes…) and much more.

See below for some impressions:

2012-10-27 16.14.35  2012-10-27 16.13.49

Left: Isa (left) and

Sol (right) with some of the equipment donated by the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK. Right: Lots of consumables and plasticware