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See above for some impressions…

Thanks to last week’s wonderful faculty:

Auditory systems: Berthold Hedwig (Dept Zoology, Cambridge, UK) and Tom Baden (CIN/BCCN, Tübingen, Germany)

Olfaction: Adria Le Boeuf and Lucia Prieto Godino (CIG, UNIL, Switzerland)

Disease: Jorge Ivan Castillo Quan (UCL, London, UK)


We are now getting ready for week 3:

Vision: Alex Mauss and Alexander Arenz (MPI Martinsried, Munich, Germany)

Motor: Jimena Berni (Dept Zoology, Cambridge, UK)

Nutrition and Evolution: Christen Mirth (Inst. Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal) and Marta Rivera Alba (Janelia, USA)