We are pleased to announce the new TReND-ADInstruments Travel Scholarship to attend the 5 day CRAW-FLY workshop for neuroscience educators at Cornell University. The CRAW-FLY workshop concentrates on integrative neuroscience with invertebrate-based (crayfish and fruit fly) teaching modules; more information can be found here. The goal of the award is to provide extra help to an African applicant, if selected, to receive one of the three regular awards from ADInstruments and CRAW-FLY. The regular awards entail a $500 travel grant and waived registration fee (valued at $1,000). If an African applicant (educated and currently working at an African institution) is awarded this general grant, we would top it up with $500 from the TReND-ADInstruments Travel grant in order to facilitate their attendance.

To apply for the school and the general grants click here.