We have just returned from Durban (SA) where we organsied a symposium at SONA on the power of Open Source Approaches in (Neuro)science. See our publications tab for all powerpoints and the speaker list. Just before SONA, we also held a short IBRO-sponsored workshop on building your own equipment using 3D printing and mircocontrollers. Here, we brought a 3D printer and several big bags worth of electronic gadgets to put together some “FlyPis” – our prototype design for an open source behevioural rig for Opto/Thermogenetics in small animals (Drosophila/Zebrafish/C.elegans). Special thanks to Nilesh Patel for organising the workshop! See below for some impressions.

2015-03-24 09.27.52  2015-03-23 11.02.53

DSC_2072  DSC_2099

2015-03-22 15.37.59  2015-03-23 11.02.41

2015-03-27 15.55.45  2015-03-27 17.21.22