We are excited to conclude this (probably) first ever workshop on 3D printing and electronics for building lab equipment in Ethiopia. After 2 weeks, we built 7 3D printers from parts you can simply buy in a hardware store, designed electronic control circuits from scratch using Arduino microcontrollers and put it all together with some basic lessons in computer programming and 3D modeling. Now our 23 excellent students are returning back to their home countries, each team with their own 3D printer and Arduino kits, hopefully to teach and inspire others to follow suit. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Organisers: Andre Maia Chagas and Tom Baden (Tübingen)

Local Organisers: Teketel Eristu, Mohamed Biza, Tesfaye Tolessa (Addis Ababa)

Faculty: Chris Forman (Cambridge), Florian Franzen, Jens Klinzing, Samyra Cury Salek (Tübingen), Austin Quinn and special guest Hilary Haber (UC Davis)

Funding: VolkswagenStiftung

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