Last week we attended the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Southern Germany to engage with colleagues and thought leaders in the field about science in general, and matters in science education in particular. Most notably, Lucia joined Sir Harrold Kroto (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1996) and Kailesh Satyarthi (Nobel Peace Laureate 2014) as well as Germany’s Secretary of State Georg Schütte for the week-long conference’s closing panel discussion on global education. The full panel (1.5 Drug Store Online, where to buy medicine without prescription zovirax ointment no prescription Canadian Pharmacies Online, where can i buy zovirax Canadian Drugstore h), held in English, is available online here. Lucia’s opening statement begins at 16:10 mins. Other longer bits at 53:10; 1:02:20.

Other links of TReND with the Lindau Meetings include Emily and Peter’s blog-post in 2014, our recent TV appearance for Germany’s ARD alpha as well as an associated interview here. Both TReND founders Lucia and Tom are Lindau alumni (2014 and 2011, respectively).