The goal of the FLiACT programme is to train young researchers in the concepts and techniques necessary to study integrated brain functions.

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To apply for the FLiACT Ghana Workshop which is taking place December 14th-17th 2015, please submit you applications here.

DEADLINE: September 30th 2015

The aim of the workshop is to introduce and promote the use of the fly Drosophila as an inexpensive and powerful, genetically tractable model organism for studying the brain. We also aim to highlight and popularise the benefits of the use of the fly for applied research in medical-related questions. We hope to create an inspiring scientific environment that will facilitate an open discussion about ways of leveraging large scale and low cost approaches for innovation and research to answer interesting and significant questions in Drosophila neuroscience and beyond. 

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FLiACT is a pan-European training network specialised in complementary fields of research from molecular and behavioural neurogenetics to electrophysiology, bioengineering and biomedicine. The courses focuse on one model organism, the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, a powerful model to study the genetic bases of neurodegenerative diseases affecting humans.