Towards the end of last year, TReND’s Lukas von Tobel spent a month at KIU Ishaka, Uganda to teach a course on the genetics and neurobiology of the nematode C.elegans, a powerful model system in modern Neuroscience. Read about his experiences here!


“In September 2015 I went four weeks to Ishaka, Uganda, to teach students about the fascinating model organism C. elegans. The course included a general introduction to C. elegans on both theoretical and practical issues as well as the discussion of seminal papers using that nematode as a model system. The students learned to handle C. elegans and were then encouraged to embark on a small project on their own. We also isolated local nematode species and even though we have not identified the individual species following isolation, we phenotypically characterized them and were able to observe the variety of nematode species present in different type of soil. The experience was truly amazing and a cultural enrichment I wouldn’t miss. It has also sparked my enthusiasm for TReND.” – Lukas v Tobel

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