IMTU, Dar es Salaam Campus, Tanzania

Oct 24th Nov 6th 2016 (Deadline July 17th 2016; midnight GMT)


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In this 6th instalment of our classic insect neuroscience course (4th IBRO school, 2nd ISN school), we will take an even more advanced and translational turn, with a strong focus on affordable open science, and topics of particular relevance in the African context. The course will cover the basics of neuronal processing, including neurogenetic behavioural and electrophysiological experiments. We will also cover relevant topics on state-of-the-art science with affordable open source approaches. In addition, there will be modules on Drosophila as a model for brain disorders, the neurobiology of mosquitoe host seeking behaviours, and the biology neuron-specific viral infections. The course is intensive experimentally heavy and highly demanding. Full travel and accomodation scholarships will be given to selected participants.