Donate and get your very own 3D printed item!

With Christmas rapidly approaching, why not to make an original, doubly meaningful present?

Nowadays we dont know what to give as a present because everyone seems to already have everything they need.  From TReND we are trying to give out a truly useful present to African scientists: a 3D printer! But we cannot do it without your help. A donation for a good cause like this is always a great present, but we want to make it even better for you. For every donation above 25 Euro, or monthly subscription, we will send you an informative pamphlet about TReND in Africa and our latest 3D printing project, as well as your very own 3D printed accessoire, fresh from the TReND 3D printer in Tübingen. Isn’t it a beautiful, meaningful and original present? To donate, click here

keychain-too-cool_minijewelery - earrings3


Tools-dremelfuge_mini printer-finished_mini









Top: “thank-you” items for donations. Bottom: a 3D printed centrifuge (left) and the printer itself (right)