TReND faculty and students have all gathered in beautiful Uganda to begin this year’s intensive summer course in insect neuroscience. After much travelling and a brief stop-off at the equator, the TReND team spent the last day before the course setting up new equipment in the lab.


Thanks to generous donations from both companies and individuals, for which we are immensely grateful, the lab here is really looking great now. It has already been a valuable resource used by staff and students across different biology departments at KIU, and will hopefully continue to be so for months and years to come. After the shipped boxes safely arrived to the Ishaka campus today, we now have a number of new microscopes, cameras, and a range of exciting neuroscience and molecular biology equipment. And after playing with a DinoLite and a newly arrived laptop and screen, we are now ready for the Drosophila microscope practicals tomorrow!


We look forward to bringing you further updates as the course progresses!

The TReND dream is to help establish more research labs across Africa, and we look forward to expanding our work from Uganda to other countries. If you support this initiative, there are a number of ways to get involved. We collect second-hand equipment from labs and distribute it to participating labs in Africa – if you would like to donate equipment, or be a contact for equipment collection, please do get in touch. If you’re feeling keen, you can also join our global network of volunteers – we encourage people from the start to do things they feel enthusiastic about, and run their own projects. Finally, if you don’t have the time or equipment, but would like to help out in some way, you could consider making a donation, or following us and spreading the word about TReND on Facebook or Twitter.